We are a group of 28 young musicians at Bodmin College that form Bodmin College Jazz Orchestra led by the flamboyant and lovely Ben Vincent - music director at the college. We play a variety of music, ranging from Duke Ellington to Lady Gaga to The Beatles, quite a selection! Our experience and musical competence allow us to be available for bookings, whether it’s a birthday party, a fete, a wedding, an anniversary, or just a get together! We play as a band on a regular basis at the college for concerts, special events and annual Christmas, Easter and Summer Jazz cafes.

We have toured abroad to countries such as Germany, France and Spain and have travelled further afield, being one of the first state schools in the UK to play in Australia. Within the past five years, we have played in New York as part of the Manhattan Jazz Festival and at Central Park. In July this year we also toured Austria, playing a number of small gigs.


The next band committee meeting will be on the 4th November at 6.30pm. We'd love to see as many people there as possible including parents and band members! It is a very 'informal' committee; you don't have to feel you have to take part in everything the band does - just come along and find out all the 'inside gossip' and take part as much or as little as you have time for.


As a band, we have been together for a number of years - originally started by Adrian Evans (ex music director at the college, who departed in 2007) - we have adapted and changed during our time together. We are now lead by Benji Vincent who has lead us proudly over the past 6 years. We have travelled the world over this time and performed in world-renowned destinations such as Australia, Spain, Germany, New York, Paris and most recently, Austria.


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imgIn July this year we visited Salzburg, Austria, which happened to be one of the most memorable tours yet! Three individual gigs across the Salzbug area allowed us to experience the culture and see the sights. Catch up with how we got on on our YouTube channel. Image right (the sax section playing in Filzmoos Bandstand)

img2012 saw us play in Paris, France in a fantastic tour. We played in the famous Luxembourg Gardens in addition to our amazing performance on the Metropolis stage, Disneyland Pairs. The four day tour incorporated both the Jazz Orchestra and also some of the Jazz Academy. Image left (the band playing in Luxembourg Gardens, Paris)

imgIn 2010 we travelled to New York on a week long extravaganza! The fab tour allowed us to play in and at some of the cities top destinations - Manhatten jazz festival and also in Central Park! During the stay at 'the big apple' we travelled all over the city visiting Madison Square Gardens, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, and many other top destinations! See us in action in New York here!

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